Adventure and exploration with London Masons Help

The London Masons and the Masonic Charitable Foundation has donated £5,000 to support
The British Exploring Society, which was formed by Surgeon Commander GM Levik RN, a
member of Captain Scotts final expedition to the Antartic. This funding will support young
people engaged in youth services in London to take part.

Many of us will know the joy of exploring the world, discovering new lands, new people and
experiencing cultures which are so different from our own. For young people the experience
of traveling can be transformational, The British Exploring Society works with small groups of
young people to deliver youth development with the support of a range of professionals.

By no means are the expeditions to be considered holidays, these expeditions take place in
some of the most remote and wild regions on the planet, with teams undertaking valuable
scientific work.

Honor Wilson-Fletcher, CEO of British Exploring Society told us that the
“British Exploring Society is thrilled and very grateful for this generous donation. It is good to
know that organisations like the London Freemasons and the MCF recognise the support
young people urgently need and are there to support us in providing it. The funds will go
towards our Spanish Badlands programme. This helps young people engaged in a youth
service in London to take part in a programme designed to empower and equip them with
the courage, skills, resilience and determination to make the most of their futures.”


Since 1932 over 100 expeditions with 10,000 leaders and explorers have taken part. British
Exploring has accumulated a unique heritage of exploration, using science to discover and
understand our environment. By combining expeditions with some of the most beautiful and
inspirational wilderness areas and utilising their strong links to local research centres and
conservation agents, giving young people the opportunity to make a real contribution to
current scientific understanding.

Morgen Biggin, Young Explorer from the Amazon 2018 expedition tells us “An amazing and
fantastic life changing experience that has opened my eyes as to how big and diverse our
world actually is and has instilled in me a sense of adventure which will last a lifetime. It has
boosted my confidence and prepared me for University life also. It has taught me that I am
capable of anything as long as I am brave enough and put my mind to it.”